The show: MTT

The Multi Tennis Tournament is a circus tennis show, created and written by two juggling tennis lovers, in the form of a tennis tournament.
The audience will witness an absurd tennis tournament that will thrill tennis fans. Consisting of singles and doubles, committed to the rules of tennis, but which the world has never seen before.
Not only will we amaze you with five different, unique singles and two doubles. No! We have spared no expense and effort to have you enchanted by solo artists, a duo and even a band during the breaks, between matches.
So with our show you do not only get the opportunity to experience tennis in a new way and to cheer with your favorite player, but at the same time we offer you circus art in tennis style.

Technical Data

The show lasts about 60 minutes.
Shorter version of approx. 15 minutes is also possible.

Ideally a tennis court or a flat area of 12×6 meters.
If needed, a tennis net and lines can be provided.

Sound system with minijack input to connect the computer is required.
A third person to conduct our show music is needed, can be provided by us, if needed.

Played in daylight or floodlight (tennis court).
In theater with adjusted stage light.

This show can be performed in Italian, English, French, German and Russian.