Tennis Theater

The story of Tennis Theater began at a circus festival in France.
Nikolay Tagantsev saw Yannick Trojan juggling tennis rackets.

Being a hobby tennis player and a fan of this wonderful sport, he got into a conversation with Yannick. The idea of creating a show together was born. Yannick, who played tennis for 17 years, was excited about the idea of combining his two passions: Tennis and juggling. Two weeks later they met and started to collect ideas, which after several weeks of research and countless hours of training, resulted in a show and some short acts.
Then they performed their show, for the first time, for a french tennis club and small parts of it for the Montchoisi Tennis Club’s charity dinner in Lausanne.
This was followed by a performance in France at another circus festival and four performances for the city of Turin during the ATP finals.

Nikolay Tagantsev

Born in Leningrad on August 20 1987, and grown-up in Switzerland. Since ever, he’s passionate about circus, music and sports. He graduated from Faculty of Physics at EPFL and from pedagogy at the University of Fribourg, but during his studies he began to make a living of circus performances with the Lumen company and other projects (La Salamandre, misterkolay, The ElectricBrothers).

So he returned to his studies, but this time in the circus school “Passe-Muraille” in Besançon (FR) and then in a physical theater school: Atelier Teatro Fisico in Turin. In 2022, he met Yannick and created the “Tennis Theater”.

Yannick Trojan

Born in Darmstadt on September 8, 1990. With a soccer player father and a gymnast mother, Yannick dived early into the sports world. He started playing tennis when he was two years old. His first word was neither dad nor mum – it was “ball”. He learned handstand and flips from his mother, tennis and soccer from his dad. Now he is a 32 years old tennis and circus teacher living in France. He is also part of the play LINK combining juggling dance and partner acrobatics which has been created by himself and Lucie Delpierre and directed by the company Jusqu’au Souffle. With 17 years of tennis and 6 years of juggling experience Yannick is an enrichment for Tennis Theater and became the newest player of Multitennis.