Tennis entertainment

You want to entertain your audience with one or more short performances?
Tennis Theater can offer you some acts (between 1 and 5 min) or background entertainment.


Our acts are perfectly suitable for the waiting time between the courses of a dinatory event or between activities. Here are the different possibilities:

The Multi Tennis Tournament EXPRESS: Express tournament with different absurd tennis matches. (5 to 10 min, minimal space 7m x 3m)

The Warm-up: The multi-tennis’ players also need a warm-up! So we mixed a typical tennis warm-up with circus elements to create a special moment for everyone. (4 min, minimal space 4m x 3m)

The good, the bad and the tennis player: A funny, dangerous and impressive tennis duel in western style. (3min, minimal space 3m x 4m, one side should have a wall or be free of public)

Rackets in the air: A partner juggling performance using rackets and playing tennis at the same time. (4 min, minimal space 4m x 3m)

The Rocking Rackets: A playback music performance in tennis style with some tennis juggling. (1min, minimal space 7m x 3m)

The juggling ace: A solo act, in witch the tennis can and balls will be juggled in an extraordinary and epic way. (2 min, minimal space 4m x 3)

One man tennis circus: A beautiful racket juggling performance full of elegance, poetry and humor. (2 min, minimal space 4m x 3m)



Backgound entertainment

If your guests are about to enter the venue or waiting for the start of an activity, we can
offer our cirucs-tennis performances to make them enjoy the waiting time or just create an nice atmosphere.
Our absurd tennis matches will impress and make laugh the tennis lovers. We’ll invite them to dive in our special tennis world and even participate in it giving them the opportunity not only to watch, but also to try out some of our games.

Our absurd tennis matches

These matches are part of our show and can be played as background entertainment:

    • Flying Rackets: Hitting a ball was yesterday, throwing it against the ball is our new discipline.

    • Jeu de Paume: Shooting the ball with a racket would be to easy. Throwing it in the air and playing the ball with the hand is much more fun without forgetting to catch it after.

    • Shooting rackets: Tennis needs a ball? With that game, we can proof the opposite!

    • The Lost Racket: Both players need a racket? We can just share one!

    • Rackets vs Can: Life is not faire, some are tall, some are small and some has to play tennis with a can instead of a racket!